Black Beetle, a group named after the Brazilian revolutionary figure Besouro Mangangá, consists of music producers Mansa Obi (NFTmansa) and Ngoma Numu. Besouro Mangangá was a legendary figure in Brazil during the 19th century, known for using Capoeira to protect and support his community in Santo Amaro.

His abilities in Capoeira were so exceptional that it was believed he could transform into a beetle to escape danger. Besourodefended workers' rights and used his skills to confront police brutality, embodying values of love, strength, and resistance against oppression. His legacy inspires generations to uphold these principles, especially in the face of hardship.

Crafted during the plandemic "Black Beetle" is the five-song EP that was released two years ago exclusively as an NFT. The album is just now being made available to the public. With records like "We Don't Miss" the group had to be very conscious about how and when to release these powerful records to the general public.

Mansa Obi, known for creating Authentic Bounce, a genre characterized by seductive melodies, blunt commentary, and the absence of the "Triggerman" sample, has shown remarkable resilience and creativity in his music. His album "Anthology" is a testament to his diverse talents, merging soulful hooks with rap and placing production in a background role to highlight vocal rhythms with over 2 hours of music.

Ngoma Numu, a drummer, jewelry maker, crystal healer, and House DJ, brings a unique blend of talents to the group. His work as a music producer is a culmination of experiences as a traveling musician and craftsman. His self-titled album "Ngoma Numu" reflects his journey and creativity, blending drum rhythms with handcrafted sonic textures​

Black Beetle represents a fusion of these diverse backgrounds and influences. It's a musical embodiment of Besouro's revolutionary spirit, Mansa Obi's innovative sound, and Ngoma Numu's rhythmic craftsmanship. This offering is not just music; it's a tribute to historical resilience and contemporary artistic innovation.

About "Black Beetle"